"I am focusing and prioritizing on dance, which is the most neglected art form whose benefits to mankind goes far beyond entertainment"
-Glorya Kaufman

The Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation is a private foundation that provides funding and support to non-profit organizations in the United States. Philanthropist Glorya Kaufman has funded a broad spectrum of projects ranging from pediatric mobile eye care to the Glorya Kaufman Hall at UCLA: the core of her giving being programs and facilities that directly affect at risk children.

In 2008 the Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation was established, deeply seated in Glorya Kaufman’s love for dance and her belief that dance is a tool that is restorative to the mind, body and spirit of people. The Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation is participating in many community projects, among them:

Glorya Kaufman’s generosity will ensure that future generations will be able to experience the joy of dancing and also seeks to extend a dancer’s career by focusing on wellness. Dance is being recognized as a tool to support health programs for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and many forms of psychological and emotional ailments. The Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation is supporting that effort with programs such as Creating Health through Movement at City of Hope.

Fordham University, Commencement 2011

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Honoring Glorya Kaufman

November 12th, 2012, Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills

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University of Southern California, Commencement 2013

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