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Glorya Kaufman & Mary Rodgers Guettel at the design presentation of the Dance Studio.

In the world of arts philanthropy, Los Angeles’ Glorya Kaufman has carved her very own niche as the “first lady of dance philanthropy”, and on March 25, 2009, she was in New York to oversee the dedication of her last project, the 2,300 square foot Glorya Kaufman Dance Studio at Julliard, which will significantly increase the world famous school’s rehearsal space.

Glorya Kaufman’s contribution to the Julliard School was to underwrite the new Glorya Kaufman Dance Studio. The spectacular glass-enclosed studio just above bustling Broadway allows pedestrians to glimpse students in rehearsal.

The Glorya Kaufman Dance Studio is the centerpiece of the school’s new eastern façade and promises to add much energy to the adjacent street scape. One of the studios features is a massive glass curtain that runs the length of a city block.